Sahanlahti Resort

Sahanlahti has three fantastic restaurants, Koskivahti, Rantamakasiini and Pajapirtti. All serve first-class dishes prepared with passion and expertise from fresh ingredients from small local suppliers.
Koskivahti is located in the main building of the resort, surrounded by the country’s most beautiful scenery. The manor house was once the official residence of the sawmill owner and is the birthplace of Elsa Heporauta. The homey yet elegant interior is perfect for arranging parties for up to 120 people. The sunny terrace accommodates an additional 100 people.

The Rantamakasiini restaurant is open during summer, serving refreshing beverages and dishes prepared on the new volcanic rock grill on the quay terrace. Rantamakasiini can arrange parties for 50 to 150 people indoors and outdoors.

Pajapirtti is a rustic restaurant that accepts group reservations year-round. It is the perfect place for a memorable meeting, the ultimate party or a wedding. There is room for 55 people indoors. The heart of Pajapirtti is the hearth in the middle of the restaurant.

Sahanlahti Resort
Lietvedentie 830 52200 Puumala
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