Culinary experiences


Hovi Bar & Food

Hovi is the most popular restaurant in the centre of Puumala and has entertained guests for decades. A terrace for …

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Located in a stone barn by the Okkola Holiday Cabins, Niinipuu specialises in Finnish cuisine made from local ingredients. Depending …

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Sahanlahti Resort

Sahanlahti has three fantastic restaurants, Koskivahti, Rantamakasiini and Pajapirtti. All serve first-class dishes prepared with passion and expertise from fresh …

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Virta Pub

Virta is a local pub in the heart of Puumala, by the coach station. In summer, try our lunch buffet. …

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Other eateries, cafés and pubs

Kuittinen Café

The traditional Kuittinen Café is in the middle of the village centre. In addition to all imaginable treats to go …

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Mallu cafe

The café is in an idyllic summer hideaway on Rokansaari Island in Lake Lietvesi in Puumala. Meet boaters from all …

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Mörkinaho Café

The Mörkinaho summer café and pizzeria is located in a scenic rest area by the gorgeous route acrossLietvesi (5 km), …

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Nestori Café

Stop by this cosy café in Lintusalo, about 25 km from the Puumala centre at the end of the Puumala …

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