Waste Management

We are committed to look after our environment. Waste managemet is an important factor in providing tidy and healthy surroundings.

The municipality organises waste management in the dispersed settlement areas of Puumala. All permanent and holiday homes in occupation must be joined to the waste management system. Properties have 3 options for organising waste management.

  1. The property has its own rubbish bin.
  2. The property is part of a so-called waste group, where several properties use a joint bin.
  3. The property uses a regional collection point and pays a yearly waste fee to the municipality.

There are waste collection points organised by property owners in the central area, and the agreement on waste collection is made directly with the waste-collection company.

The mucipality has opened a new waste disposal and recycling point at Airotie 13. There are containers for paper, carton, metal, glass and recyclable cloth.


The busy Puumala guest harbour. Photo Tuija Valkeapää.