Lietvesi scenic road at Pistohiekka, Puumala. Photo Henri Christensen.

Sustainable travel is our mission

We are very proud of our unique nature on Lake Saimaa, the 4th largest lake in Europe. Our way of life is deeply rooted in nature. Perhaps that is one reason for Finland’s status as “the happiest nation in the world”. We take pride and enjoy the gifts of nature such as wild berries, mushrooms and fish. Our goal is to cherish this natural heritage and promote sustainable travel and good practices in Puumala.

Visit Finland has developed the Sustainable Travel Finland programme to raise awareness of sustainable tourism. Visit Puumala is involved in the Sustainable Travel Finland programme and we are committed to following to the principles of sustainable tourism.

By signing the 10 Principles of Sustainable Tourism, Puumala is committed to working towards more sustainable tourism in Finland.


1. We cooperate fairly


We develop tourism in cooperation with other partners in our region and industry. Together, we can better influence the future of society and tourism. We want our region to be a good place to live in and to visit, both now and in the future, so we make decisions that are also sustainable for future generations. We treat everyone with respect and fairness, and only engage in fair and honest trading.


2. We take care of nature


We protect the environment, landscapes and biodiversity of our region. Our operations do not exceed the carrying capacity of nature, and contribute, on their part, to securing the opportunities for a good life and the preservation of a clean operating environment in our region. We also ensure the welfare and dignified treatment of our animals.


3. We respect the cultural heritage


We cherish the cultural heritage of our region. Our goal is to genuinely and respectfully present, revitalize, maintain and strengthen culture. We also understand that cultures have always evolved in interaction and learned from each other.

4. We foster wellbeing, human rights and equality


We treat our employees, guests and the residents of our region equally and respectfully, regardless of their background. We take people’s special needs into account in our operations. We train, guide and encourage our staff to act responsibly.

5.We favour the local


We support products, services and businesses from our region, and aim to employ local people. We favour food made from Finnish ingredients. We involve the residents and businesses in matters that affect them.

6. We invest in safety and quality


We take care of the safety of local residents, our staff and guests, and comply with the law and official regulations. By putting quality first in developing our services and products, we create the conditions for the continuity of our operations.


7. We consider the climate impacts


We make climate-friendly choices and reduce our carbon footprint. We monitor the impact of tourism on the environment and, through active measurement, aim for more efficient use of energy and resources.


8. We communicate openly


We communicate boldly in our region regarding responsible actions in tourism as well as future plans and visions. We want Finland’s sustainable tourism to be known around the world. We talk openly about successes, but also about challenges.


9. We are continuously developing our business


We are ready to renew our services and products to ensure their future demand. Stable finances and ethical business create the basis for sustainable development of the operations.


10. We are committed to the principles of sustainable tourism


We take an active role in promoting sustainable tourism and in implementing these principles of sustainable tourism. We will draw up an action plan for sustainable tourism, based on which we will act more systematically in the future. We are committed to the measures taken and want to learn more also in the future.