S/s Wenno – a genuine Saimaa steamer. Photo Tuula Vainikka.



Puumala is a small village with strong roots in the soil of Saimaa region. Our location in the heart of the lake labyrinth, far away from towns, has defined our identity. In the middle of nowhere you have to be on one hand self-supporting and on the other hand rely on your neighbor’s help. This approach to life manifests itself in many concrete ways. Puumala people are amateur theater enthusiasts, we belong to numerous associations and groups. A lot of handicrafts, sport activities and music performances are produced locally.

We are proud of our heritage and want to share a few interesting stories with you.

Steamer Wenno

S/S Wenno is a tar steamer with an iron hull. Of the large tar steamer fleet that once operated on Saimaa, the S/S Wenno is the only one with an iron hull that has been preserved. The ship, with its original steam engine, still looks almost like it did in the 1930s and is in the National Board of Antiquities’ register of maritime heritage.

S/S Wenno was built in 1907 to transport timber for the Miettula sawmill in Puumala. It is now owned by the municipality and operated by local boating club. Visitors can enjoy old time steamer atmosphere on Wenno’s summer cruises.

Puumala Church

The Church of St John the Baptist in Puumala is an example of double cruciform church architecture. The simple and beautiful wooden church and the old cemetery dominate the view on the main street of the village. The church was inaugurated in 1832 and the most recent renovation was completed in 2007. In 2016, the parish and municipality celebrated their 400th anniversary. The church is known for its acclaimed acoustics and houses regular concerts.

Rock paintings are messages from the past

So far, nine prehistoric rock paintings or color areas have been found in the area of Puumala municipality. Puumala is at the forefront of rock painting discoveries in Finland. The Syrjäsalmi Painting in Puumala is also one of the geosites of Saimaa Geopark.

Elsa Heporauta

Elsa Heporauta was a writer and a versatile cultural figure who is especially known as the founder of Kalevala Jewelry. She was born in Sahanlahti, Puumala. Elsa was an avid nature lover and a philanthropist.

Liehtalanniemi museum farm

The Liehtalanniemi museum farm and nature reserve, tucked in a sheltered cove on Niinisaari, will take you back in time. See what life was like in the archipelago in the beginning of the 20th century and hear the story of Jalmari Reponen, the last owner of the estate. We have sheep and chickens, a landing site for canoes and a marked nature trail.