Okkola Holiday Cabins

Tailored cabin getaways and a staff with decades of experience.

Many of our customers return year after year and generation after generation – you just might be about to join them! Okkola rents summer cabins on Niinisaari Island in the archipelago south of Puumala. The unique cabins and villas by Saimaa are positioned so that all guests have peace and privacy.

The cabins vary in size from a small cabin for three people to a majestic villa accommodating eight. All the cabins include an open fireplace, stove, refrigerator, tableware, bedding, a sauna and a rowboat. Our cabins are excellent for holidays at any time of the year. Your stay with us can be anywhere from one day to several months.

Our popularity and commitment to high-quality accommodation and customer satisfaction are reflected by guests who return every year, some of them even following in their parents’ footsteps. For many, the beautiful rental cabins are a good alternative to buying a holiday residence. Pets are also welcome.

In summer, the Restaurant Niinipuu serves local dishes and the METSO wellness trail can be used freely.
Okkola Holiday Cabin received the 2016 Tourism promoter award.

Ylössaarentie 35, Niinisaari, 52200 PUUMALA
+358 (0)500 259 378