Swimming and Beach Life

Sappula beach is in a quiet cove on Sappulantie in the village centre (follow the sign posts). The water at the sandy beach is shallow and well-suited for children, and there is also a pier and a diving platform.

Veeran Ranta beach, with its sandy bottom, is next to the Puumala marina. The adjacent Veeran sauna is reserved for marina guests, but the beach and dressing booths are open to all. Address: Niementie 1 C.

A beach and a changing booth are located in the Kotiniemi neighbourhood, on Kotiniementie.

You can spend leisurely summer days at the beaches at the Sahanlahti Resort and Koskenselkä Holiday Village. Pistohiekka is famous for its long beaches (about 20 km from the town centre on Lietvedentie in the direction of Mikkeli). Puumala has several fine sand ridges and beaches on islands that can be reached by boat, including Rokansaari, Laajahiekka and Ruuhonsaari.

Brave souls can take a dip in Saimaa in the winter from Veeran sauna. The sauna building includes a dressing room and shower facilities. For more information, please send a text message to Marja-Liisa Markkanen at +358 (0)50 590 114 9.