Salpa Line Steel and Concrete Bunker

Salpa Line (Salpalinja) is a 1,200 km bunker line that was built in 1940, 1941 and 1944 to defend the eastern border of Finland. Bunker No. 4 in Puumala can accommodate 20 soldiers, and includes living quarters for troops, a well and a machine gun blockhouse. The bunker is located in the Puumala village centre, address: Pappilantie 2.

The bunker has been used by the Puumala Reserve Officers’ Association and the Korpiversot scout group. The bunker is now maintained by the municipality of Puumala. The bunker is open to the public 5.7.-30.7.2023 from Wednesday to Sunday, 11:00 AM − 6:00 PM. Admission is free.

Contact details
Pappilantie 2, 52200 Puumala
+358 (0)50 562 0706