S/S Wenno

Cruises in 2019

An atmospheric cruise on a genuine tar steamer on Mondays 1–29 July 6:00 – 7:30 PM departing from the Puumala marina, Satamatie 2. Tickets: EUR 15 per adult, EUR 35 per family. Tickets can be purchased on board. There is a café and WC on board. Please bring clothing suitable for the weather. Enquiries tel. +358 50 562 0706.

S/S Wenno (formerly Wetehinen) is a tar steamer with an iron hull. Of the large tar steamer fleet that once operated on Saimaa, the S/S Wenno is the only one with an iron hull that has been preserved. The ship, with its original steam engine, still looks almost like it did in the 1930s and is in the National Board of Antiquities’ register of maritime heritage.

S/S Wenno was built in 1907 to transport timber for the Miettula sawmill in Puumala. The steamer changed hands several times before it was purchased by the Enso-Gutzeit forestry company in 1934. In 1966, the ship was docked at Laitaatsilta in Savonlinna. The municipality of Puumala purchased the S/S Wenno in 1972. The ship was badly damaged and was returned to its home port in the Puumala.

The Puumala Boating Association renovated the ship so it could return to use, and their volunteers maintain it together with the Puumala municipality. The ship is registered as a passenger ship with a capacity of 99 passengers.