Puumala Archipelago Route

Experience the most beautiful part of Finnish Lakeland by bicycle!

Puumala Archipelago Route offers the best parts of Lake Saimaa! Admire the stunning archipelago scenery, cross the open waters by bike ferries, and take a dip in the sparkling water of the finest sandy beaches.

1. What to expect?

  • Genuine Puumala hospitality and friendly people
  • Quality over quantity, sustainability
  • Authentic summer restaurants and cafes with local delicacies
  • Cozy cottages and hostels to stay
  • Unique Finnish sauna experiences
  • Swimming breaks in drinkable water 🙂

And much more so you will have to check it out yourself!

The Puumala Archipelago Route offers 60 km of pleasant cycling through beautiful islands, bridges and eskers.There are many starting points around Puumala. You will find fascinating Saimaa Geopark sites, exciting stories, unique accommodation and relaxed camping destinations to explore.

The route can be explored in one day, but we recommend to divide it into parts to enjoy and spend several days in the area, because there's a lot to see! The ring route includes a 45-minute bike ferry trip.

2. How to book a ferry?

M/S Norppa II bike ferry has room for 20 passengers with their bicycles or motorcycles. (no cars admitted onboard).
The trip takes 40–60 minutes depending on the weather.

In 2024 the ferry operates daily from 1 June to 31 August during the high season.
During the low season on Saturdays since 18th of May and till 28th of September.

The address of the Lintusalo pier (laituri) is Nestorinranta, Lintusalontie 1661 A, Puumala. The coordinates are 61° 25,8′, 28°00,1′.
The address of the Hurissalo pier (laituri) is Hurissalontie 390, Puumala.

Hätinvirta – a public car ferry (=lossi) leads to Niinisaari Island, located 10 km from the centre of Puumala. This ride is for free, the ferry runs 24/7. No booking needed. (20 mins coffee breaks at 9:00, 12:00, 17:00 and 20:00).


"Norppa II" bike ferry timetable 2024

18.-25.5.12:00 Sat13:00 Sat


12:00 Mon-Sun



13:00 Mon-Sun




12:00 Mon-Sun

14:30 Tue-Sat


13:00 Mon-Sun

15:30 Tue-Sat



12:00 Mon-Sun

14:30 Mon-Sun



13:00 Mon-Sun

15:30 Mon-Sun


29.7.-1.9.12:00 Mon-Sun13:00 Mon-Sun
7.9.-28.9.12:00 Sat13:00 Sat

















Tickets are required to book beforehand:



Prices (one way)
Adult with a bicycle: 18€
Child 4-15 years with a bicycle: 11€
Additional cost for a motorcycle: 6€
Matkahuolto additional service fee is 0,80€/ticket.

The "Norppa II" ferry email is norppa@puumala.fi and telephone +358 (0)50 308 3004.
For groups, there is a possibility of extra departures on request, please ask.
In Puumala, there are also some boat taxi options, if the ferry timetable doesn't suit you.

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Puumala_Archipelago_Route_Saimaa  -services and sights


3. Where to rent a bike?

Further information on bike rental in Puumala (also e-bikes): www.saimaabikes.fi


Tips: There are many amazing nature sites and Saimaa Geopark destinations on the way! For example, "Lietvesi scenic road" next to the "Pistohiekka" area, famous by its beautiful beaches. Few kilometres from Pistohiekka there is a "Loketon onkalo" canyon, and nearby Sahanlahti you can explore the "Tupavuoren luola" cave. At the centre of Puumala you can find groceries, restaurants and a bridge with a viewpoint. "The Saimaa Seal trail" is a perfect place to stop for a walk and barbeque at the lean-to, or just go hiking all the route on some other day during the holiday. The "Säkkimäki" lean-to in Liimattala makes a great overlook pit-stop on a hill. Check out the rock formations "Rakokivet" in Hurissalo, too!

You can find more information about these on following maps:

Saimaa Geopark & nature sites in Puumala

The Saimaa Seal trail nature path


Further information

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