Metso Wellness Trails

There are five different wellness trails in the southern part of Puumala.


Trail Beginning near Niinipolku Restaurant

The 1.5-km woodland trail is meant for walking, recreation and pausing to relax. It is designed to highlight the diversity of the forest and to offer a little taste of the positive effects of forests on wellness. Various stops for activities and to see historical sites are marked with signposts. Trail maps are available free of charge at the letter box by the noticeboard at the Okkola Holiday Cabins. The trail begins in Okkola, near the Niinipuu Restaurant.

Price: Free of charge when walking without a guide.

Distance: Approximately 1.5 km.

Gear: Clothing appropriate for the weather.

Duration: Just less than an hour when walking without a guide.

The trail is mostly level but not entirely unobstructed.


Contact details

Okkolan Lomamökit
Ylössaarentie 35, Puumala
+358 (0)500 259 378


Trails Beginning at the Nestorinranta B&B and Café

There are four wellness trails to choose from. The main trail, the Metso wellness trail, was designed by Tapio Oy. There are stops along the trail with information to draw hikers’ attention to pleasant senses such as the scent of wild rosemary or the sound of birdsong. A solitary hike is perhaps the best way to take in the trail, but it is also enjoyable with a group of friends.

The main trail is 2.2 km long and is divided into three shorter, very different parts, which can each be walked separately. The shortest section is only one kilometre long.


Contact details

Kahvila & BB Nestorinranta
Lintusalontie 1661 A
+358 (0)40 510 6208