An Apt Sculpture for Weary Guests

Väsynyt(“Tired”) is a bronze statue at the Puumala marina, in a little square between the bridge and the Satama restaurant. The Emil Cedercreutz Foundation donated the sculpture in 2016 to mark the 400th anniversary of the municipality and the parish.

Sculptor Emil Cedercreutz (1879–1949) made the sculpture in 1907. It depicts a worker lying on his back on the rough ground and holding one arm under his head as a cushion. Annika Waenerberg, a professor of art history, and Manuel Vélez Cea, an artist and professor of visual arts, have studied Emil Cedercreutz’s works and believe the sculpture depicts a farm worker’s well-deserved break during or after the workday.

Puumala, a popular summer holiday destination, gives new meaning to the piece: rest means being on holiday, relaxation, tranquillity, freedom and enjoying the Finnish Lakeland and its summer ambience.

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