Kyllölänsaaren lomamökit Holiday Cabins

The first cottage (or ‘mökki’ in Finnish) was built by Eino and Eedit Leinonen in 1969. Four years prior to this they had built a road leading to their farm on the island as well as a simple wooden rope ferry to connect the island to the mainland. Today the cottages are managed by the children and grandchildren of Eino and Eedit Leinonen.
All cottages are well equipped and widely spaced so that everyone can enjoy the quiet, the pristine lake water and whatever activities he chooses undisturbed. Berries and mushrooms grow almost up to the cottage doors, and fishing opportunities are unlimited. With some luck you may even spot a Saimaa Ringed Seal.


Kyllölänsaaren lomamökit Oy
Veini Leinonen
Kyllölänsaarentie 558
+358 500 549455